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Are You Ready to UnBlock Yourself?

Together, we can make this happen.

I'm here to support you in coming home to YourSelf.  When we are truly safe to land and live from our grounded, receptive, embodied self clarity - wisdom and possibility emerge.  Now everything changes!

Over the past decades of working with clients, it's clear to me that people are getting stuck or feeling blocked for a few main reasons. There's a theme emerging. Over time, what seems like even a slight misalignment can begin to feel very pronounced. It isn't uncommon for entrepreneurs and people who've experienced a lot of success to now encounter elements they weren't expecting to navigate.

This work is designed to support you in gaining clarity, alchemizing, UnBlocking and unleashing your YourSelf. This container isn't for everyone. It's an invitation into profound new relationship with those blocks, transmuting them into fuel for your transformation.

My role is to provide safe and sacred facilitated space in which to break free of those 'limiting blocks', cultivating the space and energetics for your essential-self to come forward! Bring your BIG dreams, gifts, visions and goals! There’s no need to do it on your own. In fact, for what’s now required, we can’t do it on our own!


If you're ready to UnBlock YourSelf, to unleash the potency, wisdom, exquisite beauty and creativity of your Soul's unique expression, we should talk.  Together, we'll alchemize your unique lasting change, in both your inner world and outer world!

"Angela's programs have been a catalyst for profound change in my life. Through her well-structured approach, I've gained invaluable tools for self reflection and personal growth. This experience fostered a deep connection with my authentic self, allowing my soul to express itself effortlessly and gracefully. I'm sincerely grateful for Angela's guidance, the supportive and safe environment she creates, and her expertise." 

~  Maria 

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" With Angela, I've been able to explore, heal, and reclaim parts of my Self that were lost, and too painful to address on my own. "
~  Luz 
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