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Transforming Life From the Inside Out

Facilitating Deep Transformation so you can finally live as your Most Authentic Self.

Whether you're feeling anxious, depressed, compulsively driven, isolated,  confused, numb, cynical - you get the idea - these are actually powerful gateways of discovery for coming into authentic relationship with yourself.

The aim is to shift from surviving to thriving, to regain the wholeness of our psyche. As each of us comes into this world, our psyche is whole. Along the way, as we experience trauma, our psyche naturally splits (or dis-integrates), in order to protect the most precious aspects of our self. Through trauma-informed, integrative coaching, we can reach the alienated, split-off parts of ourselves with compassion and love. Shifting how we relate with these aspects of our psyche allows for trauma recovery - integrating our wholeness, unleashing the power, beauty and creativity of our authentic selves.


If you are tired of surviving and want to thrive, I am a valuable ally. Working with me will provide guidance, support, methods and tools on your pathway, creating profound and lasting change internally AND in your outer world.







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This call helps us get to know one another and see what is the right fit for you. 

" With Angela, I've been able to explore, heal, and reclaim parts of my Self that were lost, and too painful to address on my own. "
~  Luz 

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