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Meet Angela

“If you know me well, you’re likely aware of my personal healing journey. In my early adult years, I began a multi-decade quest, seeking, studying, healing and training in some of the most effective methods known, to resolve these life diminishing challenges and to literally transform my life from the inside out! “

The truth is, we each possess the resources needed in order to thrive. In her work as a Psyche Integration Coach, Angela has supported countless clients through private and group sessions; integrating their inner healing journeys, deepening their self trust and catalyzing their system’s innate healing intelligence.  She is a certified facilitator through the Identity Development Institute in Los Angeles, an Integrative Life Coach through the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York. She is also psychedelic guide, coach and facilitator. For over 25 years, Angela has been guiding and supporting clients through integrative trauma resolution, as they step out of their old stories, releasing limiting personal and trans-generational patterns, thoughts, and belief systems.


Deeply informed by her own personal journey, Angela’s direct yet gentle approach celebrates reclaiming connection with our inner resources and re-integrating deep truth and knowing.  She is passionate about supporting others in their unique journeys of self-encounter, resolving underlying challenges at the root, and creating relationships and lives they truly love!

Angela Houlas | Psyche Integration Coach

Angela Houlas

" I have had the privilege of participating in Angela’s intuitive work for six years, and it’s been such a beautiful journey."
~ Karen  
Credentials & Experience:

~ Certified Integrative Life Coach

~ Certified Identity Development Facilitator

~ Certified EMBARK Open - Psychedelic Support

~ Somatic Art Facilitator

~ Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach

~ Integrative Trauma Resolution

Cultivated Gifts & Trainings:

~ Deep Embodiment Modalities
~ Soma - Transformational Arts Mastery

~ Energetic Methods & Tools

~  ART International - Authentic Relating Training
~ Omega Point Program - Mentor

~ Shematrix - Initiatory Training

~ Foundation for Shamanic Studies

~ Parts & Shadow Work (IFS oriented)

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