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Angela Houlas
Integrative Life Coach & Facilitator

Private Sessions 

Reclaim Your Inner Resources

In support of your intention, I offer a safe space for targeted, empowered inquiry into the real and the raw, to uncover and embrace the full expression of you: 

Who am I?' and 'What do I want?' Re-define and re-align with your essential, authentic self.

A healthy sense of self, a free will, and grounded emotional connection in our body; these are the key components in what we call identity. How do we actually release and strengthen this core of our being - find and live as our truest version of ourselves?

As the material from these sessions integrate into the subconscious, over the following days and weeks, old maladaptive patterns, habits, beliefs, conditioning, etc. begin to gently loosen and unwind. In their place, we discover more energy, creativity, and freedom to be.

Entry Points & Pathways


Identity Development

The aim of ID Sessions is to regain the wholeness of our psyche.  When each of us comes into this world, our psyche is whole.  Along the way, beginning in the earliest stages of development, when we experience trauma, our psyche splits in order to protect our most precious self.


I am here to accompany you as you unfold yourself. These sessions provide the structure, as I support and explore with you, as you meet and reconnect with these split-off aspects of self.


Through this new internal relationship, truths are revealed, pain can be transformed, reigniting self -healing, as you shift into self-regulation, freeing up your vitality and life-force. This powerful work is  available in private or group settings.

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Somatic Healing Art
Inquiry or Integration

Many times our experiences and true knowings are stored 'beyond the reach of language' in implicit memory, and queues stored in our bodies. Through somatic based inquiry, we access the subconscious ~ beyond the habituated mind, into the deeper wisdom of your psyche. Guided with specific supportive prompts, this is a gentle and deeply supportive dive -  sketching, writing, symbols, color, words etc . . . We travel at your pace, as we track your path to insight, with curiosity, compassion and courage. Evoke and reclaim your own innate wisdom, clarity, connection and healing power!

A safe facilitated process for you to invite your curiosity while discovering, resolving and re-membering your potent internal resources.


Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Supported work with psychedelic medicines can be a very powerful part of your healing process. In my work as an experience integration guide, I support you in your internal preparation process leading up to your experience, getting clear on overall and journey specific intentions, curating your optimal set and setting.


Post session, I support you with unpacking, making sense of your journey - pulling key insights and take aways - and integrating your experience for meaningful shifts in your daily living.

A safe facilitated process for you to invite your curiosity while discovering, resolving and re-membering your potent internal resources.

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