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Somatic Art Healing Process

 one-on-one sessions in person or on zoom

Many times our experiences and true knowings are stored ‘beyond the reach of language’ in implicit memory and queues at the cellular level in our bodies.


Bring your curiosity and self-compassion, but no art experience is needed! Through somatic (or body) based inquiry, I'm here to guide you in an accessible, embodied awareness process which supports shifting beyond the habituated thinking mind, into connection with your felt sense and the innate healing intelligence of your body.


I curate a deeply nurturing, embodied dive into movement, color, symbols, words, etc. This process allows for connecting with and following a sensation, tension, desire, issue, or struggle that feels alive, facilitating your discovery and connection with the specific places in your body where related emotions and energies are stored. Through this guided exploration, I provide a safe space to organically meet, flow with, release the grip of, and re-integrate these energies. 

Somatic Art Healing is a powerful method to: 

Evoke your own innate wisdom

Release limiting stories & beliefs
Reclaim clarity & connection

This modality benefits from multiple sessions where the unconscious becomes more and more familiar, opening things up. 

"Angela has a profound ability to hold a safe space to do deep, inner, soulful and spiritual work.  " 
~ JP
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