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Have you considered offering 
Ketamine Integration Coaching 
to your clients?

Your clients' experience and satisfaction directly impact your success. By providing expert integration coaching, you can distinguish your offerings and level up your practice.

As a trauma informed preparation and integration coach, I have personally supported over 700 ketamine clients, both before and throughout their treatment programs. It has been a privilege to provide the highest level of expertise and support, as clients navigate and integrate their life-changing experiences and breakthroughs, into their day-to-day living - creating real, sustainable, positive changes in their quality of life.

Whether you choose to work with me on a consulting or referral basis,  I can support you in growing your business via increased client satisfaction. Let's talk about coaching packages, as well as group integrations to suit your clients' needs. 

" With Angela, I've been able to explore, heal, and reclaim parts of my Self that were lost, and too painful to address on my own. "
~  Luz 

Let’s Partner Together for the wellbeing of others

Get in touch with me below or call so we can connect and start working together.

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