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Integrating Expanded States of Consciousness
 one-on-one sessions in person or on zoom

​Whether via ketamine treatment, plant medicine retreat, hypnosis, breathwork, or other 'altered state' modalities - Integration Coaching can be an essential aspect of maximizing the potential benefits of the experience. It can help individuals process the insights and emotions that were brought up during the psychedelic experience and integrate them into their daily lives. 

I provide guidance for each stage:

Preparation - This planning and preparation stage is about cultivating clarity around context and your intention for the experience. 

Experience - I offer a safe, supported, resonant container for your experience to unfold within - before, during and after your process. 

Integration - As you are ready, in the days following your process, we unpack your experience, highlighting important takeaways and insights - creating specific practices to integrate these experiences as embodied shifts and changes in your day-to-day living.

This is a powerful method to: 

Remember who you are

Discover capacity & freedom
Anchor meaningful change into daily living

Options Include: single sessions through robust integration packages.

"Angela clearly cares very deeply and is not afraid to hold space for people, wherever they may be in their journey. She provides a soothing space and the experience to transform the parts in us that just would not budge, but now they can.  
~ Elizabeth
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