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Private Coaching

one-on-one support, in person or on zoom

The heart of my coaching practice is centered around Integrative Trauma Recovery.

 Why? Because we are human! Over time, through overwhelming or adverse experiences, human beings develop survival strategies that allow us to 'protect and move on' to the best of our abilities. However, in doing so, we also move away from our beautiful wholeness. This is surviving - not thriving.  

I've honed my skills in a wide range of potent tools and modalities. To give a sense, below are a few of the approaches I offer. Through our Exploratory Call, we can customize a plan to best address your needs, with one or a combination of approaches. I look forward to connecting and discussing how we can best work together!

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Heart Centered
Identity Development

In this modality, I support you in transforming your relationship with the split-off parts of yourself which have been tucked away in order to survive. Identity Development is an opportunity to explore your deepest Self, in a safe space, through the power of our human inter-connectedness. 

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Somatic Art
Healing Process

In this facilitated, embodied art process, I'm with you every step of the way as you connect with, shift, and release old beliefs, stories, ineffable experiences and emotions which are stored deep in the body, freeing up life energy to experience more self expression and joy in living more fully.

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Integrating Expanded States of Consciousness

Whether via ketamine treatment, plant medicine work, hypnosis, breathwork, or other modalities, the intent, first and foremost, is to cultivate a safe experience. Deeply honoring your unique pathway, I provide guidance in each stage - from preparation through integration.

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"Angela has a profound ability to hold a safe space to do deep, inner, soulful and spiritual work.  In every session I feel her with me as I traverse unknown yet familiar territories within myself. " 
~ Jana
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