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Heart Centered Identity Development

one-on-one sessions, in person or on zoom

Based in the work of Dr. Franz Rupert: Identity Oriented Psycho Trauma Therapy(IoPT), these potent self-encounters, are deeply supportive of the journey toward our most authentic self, through the power of our human inter-connectedness. 


The aim is to reclaim wholeness of your psyche. With this facilitated IoPT method, I offer a safe opportunity to explore your deepest Self, through the power of your embodied intention and attention, coupled with our human inter-connectedness. In these sessions, I provide gentle guidance in support of you relating - at your pace - with the split-off parts of yourself that have been tucked away in order to survive.

Through the experience of  meeting and connecting with these parts as represented externally, something profoundly transformative and deeply healing becomes available. 

Identity Development is a powerful method to: 

Unwind depression, anxiety & grief 

Release limiting patterns, coping strategies & blocks to loving relationships 

Regain vitality & creativity 

Clients typically experience benefit with a single session. For deeper change, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended, spaced about 2 weeks apart.

"Angela has a profound ability to hold a safe space to do deep, inner, soulful and spiritual work.  In every session I feel her with me as I traverse unknown yet familiar territories within myself. " 
~ Jana
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